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AmiCorti IFF

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AmiCorti IFF - International Film Festival

Cinema is culture, it feeds on films and satisfies the needs of the viewer with entertainment, curiosity, it gives emotional vent to the state of mind, it gives them a journey to unknown worlds! The film festival is the showcase that promotes the primary product of cinema!
Ntrita Rossi, Founder & CEO AmiCorti International Film Festival

The objectives of AmiCorti IFF are the protection of human rights and intercultural dialogue; the education and training of young people in the socio-cultural and environmental fields, the fight against racism and xenophobia; the promotion and diffusion of international film culture. Planet Earth is everyone's home and is the heritage of all human beings! AmiCorti enjoys the support of the Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to the Italian Republic and the patronage of the Representations in Italy of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, and is an event born for the Small Mountain Municipalities of the Unione Montana Alpi del Mare.

Specific goals

➡  Access the world of cinematographic use in a guided and reasoned way through specific paths, both thematic and inherent to filmic language;

➡  Develop the spirit of observation and willingness to listen;

➡  Enhance the ability to reflect and broaden the lexicon;

➡ Develop the skills of dialogue, communication and ideological and experiential comparison;

➡ Strengthen the ability to "read" visual texts, to understand the role of the characters in the events represented, to describe the observed situations;

➡  Improve the ability to work independently;

➡ Stimulate the relationship, comparison and respect for other people's ideas;

➡  Analyze events, behaviors, moods to acquire a sense of responsibility through identification;

➡  Grasp the moral of the film;

➡  Mediated acquisition of compliance with the rules.


"The AmiCorti International Film Festival is dedicated to exploring cinematic expression from around the world and helping young filmmakers appreciate the power of cinema. The festival premieres the works of new cinematic voices, pays homage to great films of past masters and hosts special events and workshops with film artists, such as writers, directors and actors. AmiCorti is the annual film competition, which this year includes six categories: feature films, short films, animation, documentaries, video clips and short films made by students from various schools. Located between the hills and mountains, the entire Unione Montana Alpi del Mare and the entire Cuneo area, in the heart of Europe, is transformed every summer in the month of June into the capital of international cinema, bringing the most innovative visions to the screen. There are five to nine days of stars, new talents, professionals and, above all, audiences of all ages, from students of first degree institutes to students of universities in Italy and abroad.

Location: Chiusa Di Pesio (CN)
Aree Protette delle Alpi Marittime

"Centro Aldo Viglione"

Everyone to the cinema with AmiCorti IFF!
An innovative festival that in five editions has managed to create its own space in the panorama of Italian cinematographic initiatives and to cultivate its own passionate audience, on the one hand the lovers of films, short films, animation, documentaries, video clips and school shorts who, also thanks at the festival they were able to broaden their knowledge, and on the other an audience that was attracted by the innovative cultural proposal of the festival, thus approaching the fascinating world of film promotion.

We represent the territory and the culture of this valley! The festival is the window to come and meet her!

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6 Section on the Festival:

Short Film: Movies record real or reconstructed events with sound images taken from the camera lens. A film, transparent and sensitive to light, runs inside the camera, onto the surface of which the light passing through the lens is projected. Thus the images of the subjects taken are formed, as if several photographs were taken. T

Features: it is the recording of an action, a story, a document, etc... taken by a video camera and recorded on a magnetic tape or on any other electronic - computer support which is currently the latest invention of the technique. Then the images will be recomposed by sending them to the TV or by projecting them onto a screen with a device called a video projector.




Short School: 











Lesson methodology

Visione di filmati

Lezioni frontali dell’insegnante

Conversazioni guidate

Lavori in piccolo gruppo

Attività laboratoriali.


Supporti multimediali (LIM, computer, macchina fotografica digitale)

Guide di approfondimento

Incontro con l’esperto Materiale di facile consumo

Verification and evaluation

I criteri di verifica saranno orientati all’osservazione delle risposte e del comportamento del bambino con l’obiettivo di accertare l’acquisizione di:impegno, partecipazione e collaborazione rispetto delle consegne;

creatività e abilità grafico-pittoriche cura del materiale prodotto;

tempi di esecuzione;

rilevazione delle conoscenze e delle abilità acquisite.

Evaluation in progress:

- respect the basic rules of group work (Cooperative Learning);

- intervene in a pertinent way by gathering food for thought on the proposed themes;

- express a vocabulary appropriate to the context.

The assessment by the teacher will take place through oral presentations, written topics, understanding of informative texts through multiple choice or open-ended questions, summaries guided by guiding questions or images, temporal reconstructions of the events studied.

Task - product

Targeted skills

  1. Enrich the training offer in order to improve learning processes train and educate in the world of the cinematographic image, through watching movies

  2. Promote art creative and film production,

  3. Promote the host territory


Experiment with different expressive languages,

Analyze a film through its main components: plot, characters, meaning, soundtrack.

Recipient users

New Talents, Cinematographic Industry,Film schools,Tourism promoters, Public


In June from five to nine days

Experiences activated

Gestural, graphic, musical expressiveness,

Guided viewing of the film,

Verbal communication,

Creative production.


Insights on the themes of living environments, conversations and reflections related to the proposed film.

5th AmiCorti IFF
20.06 - 25.06 2023


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