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AmiCorti International Film Festival

AmiCorti IFF is an international film festival. The prestigious AmiCorti Award is the Golden Fragola. It was born in December 2018 and is a cultural event during which generally unreleased Italian and international films are presented to the public.

AmiCorti IFF is an exceptional and collective occasion, it is the shared space in which cinema is discovered, films that benefit from media attention are promoted and in turn qualifies the selection of which it is part.

AmiCorti IFF is the "showcase of excellence" in the cinema sector. It represents one of the most prestigious platforms for the presentation and valorization of cinematographic talent on a global level. AmiCorti IFF acts as a catalyst for innovation and creativity, offering filmmakers a globally relevant stage to present their works and earn the attention of critics, distributors and film lovers. It uses the annual festival days to introduce and present new films that often set new aesthetic and thematic parameters in cinema. AmiCorti IFF offers a platform for the celebration of art but also its commercialization. The premieres of AmiCorti IFF films are carefully orchestrated to maximize media attention. The reception of AmiCorti allows us to ensure good international distribution and paves the way for further awards and recognition.

Our Story

For over 7 years, AmiCorti International Film Festival has supported the development of this dynamic sector by organizing an annual international event that provides a space in which to take stock of the industry and to size up new talent and creations from all over the world by means of the AmiCorti IFF competition. Since 2019, the Festival has been anticipating developments in the sector and helping to promote the entire international cinematic and streaming industry. Today, it is acknowledged as the perfect launchpad for global cinematic content production.


The event is carefully scheduled for June to align with the operating calendars of studios and digital platforms. This means that industry professionals are able to promote their new productions, reach audiences and take advantage of the attendance accredited journalists. Fan engagement is enhanced by the organisation of special themed events, where they can meet the stars of their favourite films. By offering world premieres, tributes, signing sessions and interactive panels on life behind the scenes of cinema productions, the Festival creates an experience that appeals to the public, the media, producers and distributors, reflected in a growing social media presence.

We are problem solvers and creative thinkers who love collaborating with artists from around the world, actors, directors, producers and everyone who shares our passion for cinematic art and culture.

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