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Marco, drunk, tries to get up from the floor by dropping everything on the table (a beer bottle and an ashtray).

Lorenzo Saiani was born in Rovereto on 2 May 2004. His passion for cinema began very early, when he saw Stanley Kubrick's 'Dr Strangelove: or...' for the first time. The power and style of that film led Lorenzo Saiani to delve into the technique and history of cinema. He also cultivated this passion in his studies where he organised film forums at the Artigianelli in Trento. At this school, he specialised in the production and realisation of videos. It was during his studies that he made 'Desperation', which was presented at the Trento Film Festival and the Fellini Film Festival. Lorenzo Saiani's style, as can be seen in "Desperation" and other previous experimental works, is the union of techniques and themes from German expressionist cinema and surrealist avant-garde cinema with contemporary stories (e.g. post-pandemic loneliness and the destruction of psycho-physical well-being), in a nutshell combining the old with the new.

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