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On the cusp of a new century in a small frontier wild western town, various rival factions agree to meet for a sit down to carve up the ownership of the town.

Ray Brady's first feature "Boy Meets Girl" (1994) was made in the first year of his Film & Media degree after selling his flat and its contents to help raise the production budget. Originally shot on 16mm the film was blown up to 35mm, it screened in competition at Edinburgh, Birmingham, Sitges, Viennale, Fantasporta and a dozen other major festivals and competitions. The film premiered at the NFT 1 and was screened at the ICA and at over forty other cinemas in the UK including the Glasgow film theatre and the Irish Film Centre in Dublin. In the third year of his degree course, Brady was paid to give lectures to the 1st year students that he was still attending himself, his signature being originality with the highest production values. With a career spanning over twenty-five years of filmmaking, Ray Brady's films have continued to win international awards for best film and best director, and his films continue to be festival favourites. For the last eight years, Ray has partnered with Anne Nauth-Misir in a highly successful collaboration that last year saw the release of both a narrative feature and a documentary feature co-directed with his eighteen-year-old daughter Athen.

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