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Skyless Star

The Afghan refugee family smuggles into Iran, and due to the difficulties of the journey, the family's little girl is lost, and Masoud is struggling to find the girl, who is injured during a fight with the smugglers.

Hamed Nazari is an actor and director from Afghanistan. He was born in Baghlan city in 1362 and completed his education in Mazar-e-Sharif city and migrated to Iran due to the insecurity of the war.

And in Iran, he studied acting and then directed and made films.

Hamed entered the world of art by playing the role of a thief (comedy) in the show Ashaghestan and in the film Gol Nessa, and he shined by playing the role of Masoud, the father of a refugee family in the film Stare Bi Asman.

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