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All We Know About IAN

A socially distanced man meets a socially famous girl and is never forgotten.

In the age of social media, information has flooded our lives, and everything seems to be unveiled under transparency. Does that mean we are able to see things objectively as a whole, or we are more prone to a one-sided, subjective vision than ever before?

This film is a prequel to the longer story that we were unable to finish filming due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in the process of raising money to complete the rest of the film.

There are two ways to understand the title of this film, All We Know About IAN. First is that we have known everything about Ian, the protagonist. The second is that we could never know every aspect of Ian’s life. What the film is showing is all we know about him. The name IAN is written in all capitals because it could also be understood as “I Am No-one”.

At the end of the film, Ian returns to his car after a bizarre event. His smile contains mixed emotions that we will never understand, but we all know that a storm is waiting for him. We cannot judge any of the characters in this short film. We are all mortals who have both a good and an evil side.

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